This is an information note from Craigy Hill Presbyterian as we deal with the disease COVID-19 spread by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in our community.

Firstly, be assured our response submits under God to those whom he appoints over us as rulers, in this jurisdiction, the UK Government, Stormont and the Public Health Agency.

Despite the global impact of this virus, we must realise all transmission occurs locally and in the Craigy Hill / Larne, as per the current advice, all organisations and services are operating as normal while implementing effective public health measures like hand-washing and staying home when you are sick. Furthermore, we are modifying our greeting time before and after services to reduce transmission risk. Please don’t shake hands or hug but do greet each other!

However, as this virus pandemic spreads into our local community, we can expect the level and manner of our church activity to change. We may have to temporarily discontinue more and more activities, particularly youth-based work. However, as weekly public worship of the Lord is commanded and essential, we will prioritise this gathering while following government instruction. Thus, the manner of our Sunday meeting will change under the conditions of an infectious disease like COVID-19. There will be more detail to follow when such a measure is needed.

At this stage, worship will be at 11am and 6:30pm this Sunday the 15th of March. In the morning service, Ben will be diverting from the normal schedule to preach specifically on the peace of God in the midst of panic. Let us be reminded of the Lord Jesus Christ who gives us his eternal peace and no plague or circumstance can steal it from the believer.

We look forward to seeing you then but if you are unable to be physically present with us, please join online…

Our Sunday worship services are available online on YouTube at: